Our Quality System

Attention to Quality is a feature of the management of Violatech Srl since the operations carried out (supply of medical devices) directly involve human health

With the term of Quality; Violatech Srl refers not only to the characteristics of the marketed products that must comply with all the provisions envisaged to perform their functions fully, but also at the level of the after-sales service which must be based on Customer care.

For this purpose Violatech Srl makes use of agents as a meeting point between the Company and the Customer and represent a reference point for any of your needs.

This system has enabled to develop a focus on customer satisfaction based on the ability to perceive your needs and respond appropriately and in a timely manner.

Another strategic aspect of Violatech Srl is represented by the management of relations with suppliers. To encourage their involvement, the Direction of Violatech Srl is committed to the definition of partnership agreements.

To ensure the highest quality of the products sold, Violatech Srl implements appropriate procedures to control the quality of incoming products and monitor and consolidate relationships with critical suppliers through the process of supplier qualification.

In order to always strive for maximum Client satisfaction, Violatech Srl aims to achieve the following objectives:

To achieve these objectives, the Management and all staff undertake to:

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