Ethical Code

In carrying out their activities, all those who act, operate and collaborate for VIOLATECH Srl (employees, agents, consultants, suppliers and third parties in general) are confronted with situations that require the adoption of relevant behaviors under different profiles, amongst which and most importantly, ethical and legal ones. Everyone has the duty to maintain and ensure that their own collaborators and interlocutors maintain a behavior compliant with the general principles of honesty, loyalty, good faith, balance, fairness and diligence, as well as the specific obligations that may arise from deontology and, from those principles deemed to be due to the context and purpose of their mission.

VIOLATECH Srl does not intend to analytically define the specific behaviors that must be adopted in the face of all the situations it can come across, but has decided to provide general ethical-behavioral guidelines to comply with in the performance of its activities. However, in the presence or absence of any specific provision, it is absolutely necessary that all reflect the highest standards of behavior in their actions, to which VIOLATECH Srl in turn inspires its own conduct, bearing in mind that the correct behavior to keep in every situation always arises not only from good faith, but also from transparency, impartiality, and above all from honesty and loyalty to the mind of those who act.
The application and observance of the principles set out above also falls within the most general obligations of cooperation, diligence and loyalty required by the nature of the performance due benefit and by the interest of the enterprise, all of which are required in any performance in favor of VIOLATECH Srl . These obligations, in particular for employees of VIOLATECH Srl integrate the provisions of Articles 2104 and 2105 of the Italian Civil Code and the applicable National Collective Labor Agreement

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