About us

The future isn’t what is about to happen,
it’s what we are building

Violatech supplies the most modern life-saving appliances and equipment to both Public Health Institutions and Private Healthcare Providers of most of the national territory and especially in the regions of Lazio and Umbria. In fact, Violatech has exclusive contracts with leading multinational companies.

On the operational level, Violatech is able to provide its customers with 360-degree assistance both in pre-sales and in post-sales, by understanding case specific needs and objectives and providing optimal ad hoc solutions regarding sales, technical assistance, product warranty, commercial and financial support.

Our Mission

Violatech, a young company by statute, but not by commitment, work and volume of business, was born in Rome in July 2008 from its administrator’s 20-year experience.

Violatech operates in the field of large specialized supplies of devices and life-saving equipment, both to public and private entities, in most of the national territory. All products sold have a superior quality warranty.

Our team consists of professional figures with experience matured in the business field of reference. Violatech's high specialization places it among the most cutting-edge companies regarding both the management of orders and the supply of the proposed products. The prerequisites on which its work is based are the constant desire to be at the forefront of the field of reference, offering up-to- date skills; the commitment to customer satisfaction and the ability to always work in a deontologically correct way. This approach to the market has allowed the company to operate competitively

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