Heart Surgery: Umberto I Hospital at the forefront with NOBLESTICH EL

The NOBLESTICH EL system produced by Nobles Medical Technology II USA, used by Umberto I of Rome

For the first time in Italy it was carried out at the Policlinico Umberto I, in the Heart and Vase Department directed by prof. Carlo Gaudio, a direct closure operation of a PFO with suture through the right transfemoral venous route.

The system used guarantees the possibility of avoiding the insertion of disc prostheses inside the atria.

This system is called NOBLESTICH EL produced by Nobles Medical Technology II USA, and allows not to insert any type of prosthesis inside the atria, avoiding any type of alteration or allergic reaction, albeit rare. By adopting this revolutionary system, what remains is a simple thread to close the heart defect via suture and a small polypropylene cylinder (the same material as the suture thread) with a diameter of approximately two millimeters and a length of approximately five millimetres. Thanks to this intervention it is also possible to avoid therapy with antiplatelet drugs.

The operation lasts 45 minutes.

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